I was in Puerto Rico getting ready to jump on stage when the intro of the 'Vivir Mi Vida' music video by Marc Anthony came to mind! As he was getting ready for a live show in New York in his music video, here I was getting ready for a live show in Puerto Rico, singing the same song -
Vivir Mi Vida!
This live video performance is dedicated to Puerto Rico, its people and the King of Latin music - the legendary Marc Anthony!

*The stage setup, special lighting effects, live projections & music performance are a demonstration of TheViolinGuy® services offered to clients looking to enhance their private event with visual effects that compliment the live performance!
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Tribute to Marc Anthony

Music from the classics: Phantom of the Opera!

Live Broadcast appearance courtesy of Ese Azenabour’s ‘Phantom of the Opera’ fashion show in Dallas, TX

Live on YouTube!


We live so we can share our story! And each story will inspire others to live to the fullest and share their stories further!
Perhaps you've lived the most that life can offer,
or maybe it's still yet to come!
We create, we build a legacy... so share it!
And the world will know you've lived!

Tribute to Marc Anthony


Music is what feelings sound like.

A quote so powerful! Our Universe moves constantly, creating a low frequency. Frequency means sound and sound means music. We’ve been surrounded by it from the beginning of time!